Email Unsubscribe Link for Customers, Prestashop 1.6.1 version


What this module do:

  • This module increases your email deliverability and customer loyalty - it helps emails go to Customers Inbox.
  • Add html text with an unsubscribe link to the bottom of all shop transactional emails;
  • Customers are able to unsubscribe from shop emails without deleting an account after clicking the link in the email.
  • Customers are able to subscribe again from their account.
  • You are able to edit email text and form tpl
  • Very quick configuration, just one option.
  • Prestashop 1.6.1 support means that module changes one core class file Mail.php


  • 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions

Stop losing sales because of worstest email deliverability issues - email bounces and email comes to Spam folder ! All major email providers now require in their terms to include a direct unsubscribe link to all transactional emails if you don't want to see your emails in the Spam folder or be banned. In other words - the unsubscribe feature helps to increase your "sender score" in providers email anti spam software eyes.

Module features:

  • Add text with unsubscribe link to all shop emails, text is editable and you can edit it at module configuration page;
  • Customer will see unsubscribe page even if he logged out;
  • Unsubscribe page also available from customer account so if user change his mind he always able to subscribe again;
  • Link in email is a direct link with token so user don't need to login to unsubscribe from email;
  • Edit unsubscribe form in tpl file if needed

"Email Unsubscribe Link for Customers" module uses only Prestashop hooks without any overrides so it will work with future versions without conflicts. You don't need to edit any templates, just define text you want to see in emails.

This module has no coflict with mail alerts module.

Please note: module improvements is a reason to contact email provider about excluding from black list if you already blacklisted. This module not guarantee what your emails go to Inbox from Spam folder if you already in Spam but it is very likely.


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