Amazon associates
  • Amazon associates
  • Search Amazon products by various parameters
  • Search Amazon products by list of ASIN, SKU, UPC, EAN, ISBN
  • Module settings - Import Amazon Products + Synchtonization + Amazon Shopping Cart
  • Synchronization of products prices and quantities.
  • Control of import and synchronization process queue
  • Connect your existing products with Amazon by csv

Import Amazon Products - Prestashop Module , PAAPI

  • Import Amazon products and combinations  to your Prestashop site.
  • Synchronization of products prices and quantities.
  • Lookup Amazon catalog via Powerful search tool. Search by ASIN, SKU, UPC, EAN, ISBN, department, BrowseNodes, price, manufacterers, keywords and more. Search products similarities. A lot of sort parameters. Module include autosearch tool.
  • Manage products after import as usual products. Module just saves relation with amazon asins.
  • Supported locales: BR, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, UK, US

  • 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions

Instant and fast ajax User Interface - all operations on one page - you don't need to reload or navigate pages to use this module. Module auto save edited options live.

Search Amazon Catalog Features:

  • Powerful Tool for searching amazon products;
  • Search products by Amazon asin(s), departments, browse nodes, keywords, prices and various parameters.
  • Search products by All merchants or only Amazon prime;
  • Sort search results by various parameters;
  • Amazon browse nodes navigation tool;
  • Product Products Similarity Lookup.
  • Auto search tool;

Import options of Amazon products:

  • Import products
  • Import Amazon products with combinations as Prestashop products with combinations
  • Imported combinations fields: images, combination attributes, quantity, price, combination texture for combination color picker.
  • Auto import of color textures for combinations from Amazon combinations images.
  • Import references options: asin as reference, part-number as reference, generated reference(prefix + id_product + id_combination). Unique references for products and combinations.
  • Multiply price while import (eg price * 1.2)
  • Predefine products features, category and other options before import.
  • and much more...

Imported product parameters:

  • Name
  • Editorial review as descrition
  • Bullet points as short description
  • Minimum offer price as price
  • Total offers quantity as quantity
  • ON/OFF product disabled
  • BrowseNode as tag
  • ASIN as supplier reference
  • Amazon as supplier
  • Manufacturer
  • EAN and UPC if exists
  • All available products and combination images
  • Combination attributes with color textures
  • Predefined products features


  • Products synchronization by hand
  • Sync only prices in bridge
  • Products synchronization by cron - you can run sync process by url(path), so yopu can run it whenever

Earn with Amazon affiliate program:

  • Amazon AWS shopping cart on your site - your prestashop cart replaced with Amazon shopping cart in front. You can use "Amazon AWS Sopping Cart" on shops which contains only products imported by our module.
  • "Buy Now" button for shops which already contain products - "Add to Cart" button replced with "Buy Now" button, which redirects to your autogenerated affiliate product link.
  • All session sales give to you affiliate earnings.
  • Do not forget: if customer go to amazon cart/link/checkout and buy something which not in your shop shopping cart - you got commision from this sales too. Means you will got commisions from all session sales.
  • Checkout and shipping processing on Amazon so you just need to get traffic.
  • You can disable both "Aws Shopping Cart" and "Buy Now" features and use your shop as usual shop with standard Shopping cart.


  • You have to be registered and approved Amazon affiliate to access Amazon "Product Advertising Api" - You need to make minimum 3 sales for a last 180 days to access PA API if you a new Amazon Affiliate.

Module version 3.0.2 video explanation

Module version 3.1.9 fast import process

Current module version: 3.2.3

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