Amazon associates
  • Amazon associates
  • Search Amazon products by various parameters
  • Search Amazon products by list of ASIN, SKU, UPC, EAN, ISBN
  • Module settings - Import Amazon Products + Synchtonization + Amazon Shopping Cart
  • Synchronization of products prices and quantities.
  • Amazon AWS shopping cart options
  • Control of import and synchronization process queue
  • Connect your existing products with Amazon by csv

Import Amazon Products + Amazon AWS Shopping Cart - Module for Presatshop

  • Import any products and combinations from Amazon to your Prestashop store.
  • Synchronization of products prices and quantities.
  • Lookup Amazon catalog via Powerful search tool. Search by ASIN, SKU, UPC, EAN, ISBN, department, BrowseNodes, price, manufacterers, keywords and more. Search products similarities. A lot of sort parameters. Module include autosearch tool.
  • Manage products after import as usual products. Module just saves relation with amazon asins.
  • Earn up to 15% from sales with Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Supported locales: BR, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, UK, US

  • 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions 3 months of Free Support for our Solutions

Simple and fast ajax User Interface - all operations on one page - you dont need to reload or navigate pages to use module. Module autosaves changed options live.

Search Features:

  • Powerful Tool for searching amazon products;
  • Search products by Amazon asin(s), departments, browse nodes, keywords, prices and various parameters.
  • Search products by All merchants or only Amazon prime;
  • Sort search results by various parameters;
  • Amazon browse nodes navigation tool;
  • Product Products Similarity Lookup.
  • Autosearch tool;
  • Cache results;

Import options:

  • Import products
  • Import product with combinations as product with combinations
  • Imported combinations fields: images, combination attributes, quantity, price, combination texture for combination color picker.
  • Autoimporting of color textures for combinations from Amazon combinations images.
  • Import pre-order products.
  • Import references options: asin as reference, part-number as reference, generated reference(prefix + id_product + id_combination). Unique references for products and combinations.
  • Multiply price while import (eg price * 1.2)
  • Predefine products features before import

Imported product parameters:

  • Name
  • Editorial review as descrition
  • Bullet points as short description
  • Minimum offer price as price
  • Total offers quantity as quantity
  • ON/OFF product disabled
  • BrowseNode as tag
  • ASIN as supplier reference
  • Amazon as supplier
  • Manufacturer
  • EAN and UPC if exists
  • All available products and combination images
  • Combination attributes with color textures
  • Predefined products features


  • Products synchronization by hand
  • Sync only prices in bridge
  • Products synchronization by cron - you can run sync process by url(path), so yopu can run it whenever

Earn with Amazon affiliate program:

  • Amazon AWS shopping cart on your site - your prestashop cart replaced with Amazon shopping cart in front. You can use "Amazon AWS Sopping Cart" on shops which contains only products imported by our module.
  • "Buy Now" button for shops which already contain products - "Add to Cart" button replced with "Buy Now" button, which redirects to your autogenerated affiliate product link.
  • All session sales give to you affiliate earnings.
  • Do not forget: if customer go to amazon cart/link/checkout and buy something which not in your shop shopping cart - you got commision from this sales too. Means you will got commisions from all session sales.
  • Checkout and shipping processing on Amazon so you just need to get traffic.
  • You can disable both "Aws Shopping Cart" and "Buy Now" features and use your shop as usual shop with standard Shopping cart.


  • You have to be registered and approved Amazon affiliate to access Amazon "Product Advertising Api". You can request an exception for approval by completing the contact form in affiliate account.
    So please register as amazon affiliate and be sure that you account approved and you can copy Api keys in "Tools->Product Advertising Api" before buying this module.

Module version 3.0.2 video explanation

Module version 3.1.9 fast import process

Current module version: 3.2.3

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